Popularly known as the rubber roofing, ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM roofing is used for low-slope establishments. There are benefits that this type of White Plains roofing material can offer. It is flexible which is a good option for your house is prone to winds and sudden changes of weather.

If you are thinking of using this type of material, you need to know some details about EPDM roofing. Listed below are the facts about the said roofing material.

Environment friendly

One of the things that you may like about EPDM roofing is it’s 100% recyclable. EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) was the one who thought of chances of recycling EPDM. A research project, in 2006, was initiated by ERA to determine the recycling possibility of EPDM.

From the website of ERA, it is said that roughly 3.5 million pounds of reclaimed EPDM membrane has been diverted from landfills in the first few years of the project.

Block progress of fire

Resistant to all kinds of fire is what makes EPDM different among other types of White Plains roofing. It can even slow down the fire once your home has caught it. Aside from this product is susceptible to fire, it is also pest-resistant. You will no longer deal with pest if this will be the roofing in White Plains, NY that you will choose.

Lasts for 50 years

There is a reason why EPDM is black. It is because its layer is ultraviolet rays and sun’s UV resistant. It can last for more than 50 years if the roofing in White Plains, NY was installed properly by the expert White Plains roofer. This kind of roofing acts as a reflector against the sun and an insulator during the winter season.

The roofing contractors White Plains will help you in keeping your roofing last for 50 years or even more if it is well-maintained and often repaired.

Easy to repair

If ever there is a presence of leakage and other roofing failures, you may be able to use a tube of liquid rubber to fix the damage. When it comes to maintenance, it’s easier to be taken care of. Make sure your roofing in White Plains, NY is flat enough so it will be easier for the roofer to apply the liquid rubber.

Good for any climate

If you are worried if the roofing that you have chosen fits any weather, you may choose EPDM. It will not break even in the coldest climate. According to ERA, EPDM far exceeded the test protocol ASTM D573 which requires materials to pass 4 weeks at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. EPDM black or white membranes passed 68 weeks at these high temperatures.

Apart from it can reflect the heat, it also is capable of not breaking despite being in the coldest weather.

Used for unique-shaped structure

The versatility of this kind of roofing is the reason why it can be used to structures such as domes. For example, roofs that are shaped geometrically. If your house has an unusual roof structure, you may be able to use this type of White Plains roofing material.

If you will choose this, you need to hire roofing contractors White Plains. You must make sure that the installation process is properly done. If you do it yourself, it will surely lead to poor installation. You need to deal with a professional White Plains roofer that is a legit expert in this type of roofing material.