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Fire Damage

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Fire is the great fear of all home owners, and in the aftermath of these unfortunate circumstances, the rebuilding process can be a long and arduous one. If your roof has suffered from the effects of fire, call Roofing White Plains today. We can bring you the best quality repairs that will reverse the damage to your roof, and providing you with a stable, sturdy and once again attractive roof to assist in your rebuilding efforts in the wake of these events.


Full Assessment

When we undertake a fire damage repair service, the first step is to get as much information as we can. This involves a full and close inspection of your roof, from foundation to surface to ensure that we know every last bit of damage received. This will not only keep our roofers safe, but will allow us to deliver a complete roofing repair that will have your roof stable and secure again. Simply refinishing your roof is the act of putting a bandage on a wound that needs to be amputated. Only by strengthening the foundation can your roof be solid again.

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Support Strengthening

The next step in our damage reversal process is to ensure that your foundation for your roof is addressed. Repairs placed upon weakened supports will only last for a small amount of time before the weakened wood gives way to wear and the elements. Our professional roofers will ensure that your roof's foundation is strong and that it will hold up to the effects of wind, water, and other measures. When choosing Roofing White Plains you are choosing a company that will give you complete care from the inside out to ensure that your roof stands up against the outside world.


Expert Refinishing

After the foundation has been addressed, and your roof is once again stable, the refinishing process can begin. This will bring back the original look of your roof and put the finishes touches on our service. It is after this process that the handiwork of our roofing company comes to full fruition, and you will truly be able to see the results from the state that your roof was in before, to its renewed condition. We bring you a thorough and attentive service that will reverse the signs of damage before your eyes, and give you back your original roof.

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Timely and Professional Service

In the wake of incidents such as fire, you can take comfort in seeing your repair crews on site, and knowing that the work to pick up the pieces has begun. This is one of the reasons why we maintain such high quality services and speedy response time. When your home is struck with an incident such as this, having the right company at your side will make the issue that much easier to deal with, and White Plains Best Roofing brings this helpful comfort to you. From New York City, to Westchester, White Plains and beyond.


What Our Clients Say


Roofing White Plains has done an awesome job for my roofing. They are very friendly and even help me talk with insurance people to get my claim, making it more convenient for me. After the project, I can truly say that they work hard for the project. They always make sure that they can also make the deadline.

Aleen Valzac

Aleen Valzac


Aleen Valzac

Aleen Valzac

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We only use the latest technology to finish your roofing project on time and provide only the best output.

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We are a licensed and insured contractor that is competent in doing any type of roofing project.

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